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Category: Society & Culture


December 31, 2015

Episode 31 | December 30, 2015

As the boys close out the year, they sit down with signer/songwriter Michael McCarthy to discuss his new album Migrant, and tell tales of his adventures as a traveling solo performer. Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump also make the cut, and get everyone fired up for the New Year. Hover boards, hopeful resolutions, and a crackling fire as we bid farewell to 2015.

December 23, 2015

Episode 30 | December 23, 2015

Welcome to the Jackman Radio Christmas Special!! This week the boys get into the yuletide spirit with special guest host Doc Sean. They give their take on the new Star Wars and go over holiday factoids from across the globe! Home Alone, candy canes, cocaine snow and baby Jesus! All this week, on the penultimate episode of 2015.

December 9, 2015

Episode 29 | December 9, 2015

This week the boys review their favorite movies of 2015 and discuss recent political events with Bernie Sanders and George Pataki. Eric also announces how YOU can win a special all expenses paid date with him to in Boston.

November 23, 2015

Episode 28 | November 23, 2015

This week the boys welcome author and researcher Peter Janney, whose father was a long time CIA insider. They discuss the anniversary of the JFK assassination and his relationship with Mary Pinchot Meyer, along with the information in the new edition of 'Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy To Murder John F. Kennedy , Mary Pinchot Meyer, & Their Vision For World Peace'.

November 12, 2015

Episode 27 | November 12, 2015

This week the boys tackle the minimum wage battle, the non-existanant war on christmas, and black Friday stampedes! They also discuss new research into psychedelic drugs and celebrate Phil Collins comeback!

November 3, 2015

Episode 26 | November 3, 2015

This Week the boys welcome famed author and political operative Roger Stone. A long time GOP insider, Stone discusses research conducted for his new book ‘The Clintons’ War On Women’, as well as his friendship with Richard Nixon. The Bush family crime syndicate! Murder! Drugs! Scandal! Cover-ups! All this week on Jackamn Radio!

October 29, 2015

Episode 25 | October 29, 2015

This week the boys interview former Minnesota Governor, Frogman, professional wrestler and actor, Jesse Ventura. They discuss his career, books, time in government and the Chris Kyle lawsuit. The Body also gives his take on the media and his possible run for the presidency.

September 29, 2015

Episode 24 | September 29, 2015

This week the boys welcome guest host and hip hop recording artist Chris Cus. They discuss his career, current events, favorite Beatles album, and the beauty of self expression. 

September 23, 2015

Episode 23 | September 23, 2015

This week the boys usher in Autumn with a take down of the PC police, review of The Pope's visit to America, killer selfies, Pigate, and deliver a touching tribute to Yogi Berra. 

September 17, 2015

Episode 22 | September 17, 2015

This week the boys give their GOP debate analysis, discuss the Ahmed Clock Controversy and review some crazy but true Keith Richards stories.  They also talk about their planned road trip to DC and make a big announcement.